5 Essential Things to Consider When Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

David Beckam

When hiring a motorcycle accident attorney, you want to hire someone with experience handling these cases. They must also be comfortable negotiating with insurance companies and litigating in court.

Ask each lawyer about their recent motorcycle crash case results and what legal strategy they used. Also, consider client testimonials, especially those posted on third-party sites.


A motorcycle accident attorney can help ensure an insurance company hears your voice. They can also prevent an insurance company from taking advantage of you by offering a settlement that does not fully reflect your injuries.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney Denver will know what questions to ask when reviewing your medical records and insurance policy. They will also have previous case experience and can use that knowledge to build your claim.

It is essential to find an attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents, as they will have the most experience with this type of case. They will also have the most up-to-date information on current laws and procedures. A good lawyer can explain these details in detail during your free consultation.


Many attorneys specialize in personal injury law, but not all will have the experience you need to win your case. It would help if you asked an attorney how often they’ve won similar topics and their strategy for the patient.

Insurance providers may attempt to devalue your injuries, deny your claim, or otherwise manipulate the process, and a skilled attorney can help protect you from these tactics. They can also fight to ensure you’re awarded the compensation you deserve for your physical, financial, and emotional losses.

Finally, you’ll want to ensure an attorney can promptly address your concerns and answer questions. Choosing an attorney too busy to devote time to your case could mean missing important deadlines and losing a substantial compensation award.


After a motorcycle accident, you may be dealing with serious injuries, bills, and loss of work. A lawyer will ensure that the other driver’s insurance company pays you what you deserve promptly and that your lawsuit is filed before your statute of limitations runs out.

They will also handle all the details of your claim, including communication with the other party’s insurance company, so that you are not left waiting for responses or information. They will also help you avoid making mistakes that could negatively impact your case, like missing deadlines or underestimating the value of your damages.

They will also be able to review any settlement offers and share them with you, even if they believe they are unsuitable. Most attorneys will cover these expenses separately from their contingency fee and deduct them from the final award you receive after a jury verdict or settlement.


A general lawyer can help you file your claim. Still, when it comes to motorcycle accidents, you should consider going with a firm that specializes in personal injury. This will ensure they know what they’re doing and are equipped to handle the case from start to finish.

Insurance companies are notorious for minimizing what they pay out on accident claims so that a qualified attorney can put you on a much more equal footing regarding negotiations. They can also help you get compensation for non-monetary damages, such as pain and suffering.

When you meet with a potential attorney, ask about their current caseload and how many cases they work on. If they juggle too many, they could miss important details or deadlines.


During your consultation, ask what kind of insurance coverage the lawyer has to back them up. Ensuring the attorney has the resources to see your case through to a verdict is essential.

Medical bills quickly add up when you’re injured in a motorcycle accident. You might withdraw funds from savings to cover expenses and make ends meet. The at-fault driver’s insurance company knows many victims are under financial pressure and may quickly offer a low settlement.

A motorcycle accident attorney can handle the negotiations and protect you from accepting a settlement that does not fully cover your present and future damages. The attorney will fight to ensure that you receive a fair compensation award.

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