5 Strategies for Selecting the Best Locations for Your Promotional Custom Flags

David Beckam

Outdoor advertising is still around because it works. Even in today’s ultra-digitalized world, outdoor advertising tools are highly successful at building brand popularity. When installed in the right locations, these tools almost come with the guarantee of reaching wide audiences. At least 99% of the population has seen outdoor ads in their lives.

According to Nielsen, 25% of the population posts images of outdoor ads (e.g., billboard ads) on their social media profiles. That’s technically double exposure for the cost of one for the brands behind those ads. But, most businesses that reap such rewards tend to be backed by huge marketing budgets. To gain visibility, these businesses invest in bigger billboards every year.

The Importance of Installing Your Promotional Tools in the Right Locations

The bigger the billboard & the more crowded the location where it’s installed – the higher the brand engagement. The equation is simple. Select densely crowded areas. Install large, customized billboards in that area. Pretty soon your brand will go “viral” in that specific location. But, what if a business can’t afford to buy large, expensive billboards?

Can their outdoor advertising tools go viral? Yes. Not all outdoor ads that go “viral” come in the form of large, expensive billboards. Custom-printed promotional flags also dominate outdoor advertising spaces. But, the same billboard equation applies here – if you select the right locations, your branded flags will receive more attention.

After all, the idea of using outdoor promotional flags is to collect as many user impressions as possible. That’s why it’s normal for marketers to install custom-printed flags in metropolitan areas, student spaces, high-traffic roads, etc. If you want your custom flags to be noticed by more people, you’ll have to target these “prime,” high-traffic locations.

But, what factors should marketers consider when selecting such locations? Here are five strategies that will help –

1. Visibility of the Promotional Flags

Choose locations where the flags are easily noticeable and legible. View the flags from multiple angles and distances. Its colours should be visible from long distances. Its contents should be readable for anyone within a 50 feet circumference of the flag.

  • Make sure traffic signals, buildings, or trees don’t cover or block the flags.
  • Prioritize areas where there are no visible interferences (e.g., public parks, streets outside malls, etc.)
  • Use double-sided flags to boost brand visibility.

2. The Foot Traffic of the Location

Promotional flags are highly effective in spaces that experience high amounts of foot traffic. So, make a list of all high-traffic roads and neighbourhoods in your locality. Install the flags at night. The next day, the large volumes of people will see your flags 24×7.

3. Proximity to Your Store

Technically, you can install your marketing flags anywhere. You can even install them in neighbouring cities if you want. But, you’ll have to set up some flags near your place of business. Use them to direct/guide audiences to your store.

4. Target Rush Hour Traffic

Setting up promotional flags in prime locations during rush hour traffic will give your brand thousands of impressions every hour.

5. Target Specific Communities

Target communities where your brand values are respected. Choose communities based on their average age, income, purchase behaviour, and other demographic factors. Promote your brand in style with custom-printed flags!

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