5 Useful Services to Help Students While Studying in College

David Beckam

Technology has ingrained itself in our lives and can be extremely useful for students to manage time efficiently and improve their academics. There are plenty of services online that students can use while studying in college to make their lives easier and organize their academic goals and daily tasks. 

Here are five useful services that students can use to improve their lives while studying in college. 


Slack is arguably one of the best services students can use to keep track of assignments and study together in groups. It is a free-to-use service that allows you to create text servers that can accommodate several people. 

Slack can be used by students to share study material and resources that could benefit everyone. It can also be a medium used by teachers to share extra material that they are unable to discuss in class and improve the extent of knowledge of the students. Furthermore, it can also be a platform to store data, such as personal notes, reminders, etc. 

While it is a great service to have, it has limited features which can otherwise be unlocked by buying the premium version. Another service similar to Slack is Discord, which also allows audio calls and screen sharing for groups. Discord is just as useful for students and provides a ton of features that makes it a great platform for students to study together. 

Essay writing companies

Essay writing services can be useful for students looking to manage their assignment deadlines and submit quality articles. You can use these services to quickly finish assignments and make more time to complete other assignments or study for an upcoming exam. 

EssayGeeks.co.uk is an essay writing service that can meet your essay needs. Once you contact them, they will connect you with one of their professional writers. You can give them a brief about your assignment, the tone you want the essay to have and any personal additions you may want them to add. Based on that, the writer will draft an essay for you to check and approve. By the end of this easy process, you will have a well-written, detailed article that is plagiarism-free and ready to be submitted!


While Audible is not specifically made for students, it can be useful for students wanting to study on the go. Audible houses thousands of audiobooks that you can listen to. Apart from its use as a medium to study without being in front of a book, it is also useful for those who struggle to concentrate while reading. Nowadays, most youngsters have low attention spans, which makes it hard for them to concentrate while reading. To avoid getting distracted time and again, students can download books from Audible and listen to them. The audio feature can also be useful to easily make notes while listening to the study material. 

Audible has a monthly charge, but it’s quite affordable for students and is worth its price, considering the variety of audiobooks you can get. And when you want to just sit back and listen to a good story, you can pick a good novel from the list of books and listen to those instead. Overall, Audible is a great study as well as a leisure service for students.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is a hard-to-learn but useful planning software for students. What it lacks in clear UI and easy understanding, it makes up for in its functionality and use. It can do the job of several apps in one. It has a calendar to plan out your month and every hour of your day. You can set deadlines for assignments, and the service will notify you when you come close to them. You can organize all your assignment based on priority and color code them to distinguish between subjects. 

Not only that, but it also offers a GPA calculator and has cloud-sync, so you can access your data on both your laptop and your phone. This makes it the best planning software for students.

Citation machine

Citation machine, previously known and son of citation, is yet another gold resource for students. Citations are a hassle, and different publication formats demand different methods of citation. The citation machine makes the entire process easy by writing citations for you!

If you’re referring to a paper published online, you can simply paste the link of the website and the service will extract the necessary details to build citations of every format. You can then choose whichever citation format you want and use that in your research essay. If you’re referring to a book or another such resource, you can manually add the data in the designated spaces, and you’ll get a citation that is correct and in the right format.  

For students working on research essays, Scihub is another resource that can come in handy. It is a free-to-use website that allows you to unlock any research paper for free. Often, you might not be able to cite a paper because you don’t have all the data needed. By using Scihub, you can unlock the paper, get the required data and even read to further detail your essay. 


These five services can be really useful for students if used effectively. Students are constantly juggling multiple assignments and subjects while also trying to manage a social life. By using these services, they can make their day slightly easier and be able to focus on everything that is important.


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