Bringing a Surf Board on a Mauritius Vacation

David Beckam

Mauritius is a organic vacation spot for browsing. Nicely-acknowledged for the wave of “Tamarin”, Mauritius is an additional Indian Ocean surf paradise. The principal surf places in Mauritius are concentrated on the south and south west aspect of the island. The swell dimension on Mauritius is normally about 1 m smaller sized than that on Reunion, this becoming attributed to the considerably less steep coral reef drop-offs, and the truth that Reunion blocks off the swells transferring in a north easterly direction from the Southern Oceans. The finest months for browsing are among April and September.

With this in thoughts, it is but purely natural for surfers to want to provide their personal surfboards to working experience the waters of Mauritius. So alternatively than stress the complete flight about how your surfboard is faring and whether or not the getaway ahead is established to be a very good one particular, the reply lies in packing the surfboard perfectly.

There are several ways to guard your board, so you can get there prepared to disembark and head straight to browsing on your Mauritius vacation.

Get or borrow a large-obligation, appropriately sized board bag. Have a bag that is six inches or 15cm extended than your longest board. The extra size leaves space for cushioning. You could would like to get a bag with wheels so that it’s simpler to convey with you by way of prolonged airport queues and having to and from your accommodations While some people assert you can vacation properly devoid of a board bag, it can be debatable and is unquestionably a moot stage when you obtain a destroyed board at the other conclude of your flight.

Get rid of the fins from your board. If you have detachable vacation fins, it would make superior sense to remove them to stop the possibility of obtaining caught on bordering objects. Wrap the removed fins in a towel and retain them with your board, alongside with the fin vital. If you forget about the fin vital, your initiatives are in vain, so double check out it is in there before zipping up.

Do not fail to remember to just take the old wax off your board. Skipping this move will usually lead to your chilly h2o surf wax to melt all more than your board bag when you land in the tropics.

Safeguard the ding vulnerable areas of your board these types of as the nose and tail. Do this by duct taping items that you’re presently traveling with, this sort of as soaked-fits, towels, and dresses all over the board. Bubble wrap is also a fantastic alternative as it is lightweight and cushions impacts effectively. Bubble wrap with bigger bubbles function superior for this reason.

Eventually, compose “leading load” or “fragile” on the bag with a marker or acrylic paint. You’re established to go, get to and take pleasure in your Mauritius holiday break with the board in a single piece.

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