• December 4, 2023

Bypass Faulty STDP9320 Video Controller On Wacom Cintiq Better half 2

Some merchandise appear to have part of two that’s just about assured to finally end up loss of life on you. In relation to the 2015-vintage Wacom Cintiq Better half 2, this seems to be the so-called Athena chip, which switches the show enter between the HDMI port and interior show controller. This permits to be used in each standalone mode (pill), in addition to better half mode, the place it acts as a drawing pill for a hooked up PC. When faced with the sort of misguided tool, [neutrino] discovered and implemented a easy repair: bypassing the Athena chip altogether.

This repair is beneficial via the Restore Preservation Staff’s wiki web page at the subject, noting that this may increasingly completely disable its use as an exterior show with out further upkeep to recreate the capability of the got rid of chip. This STDP9320 (PDF) section via ST Microelectronics is described as a ‘Top class top answer multimedia track controller with 3-D video’ and accommodates a variety of video scalers, a HDMI receiver, DisplayPort (together with embedded DP) toughen. With this repair, the Cintiq Better half 2’s Intel CPU’s graphics core is without delay hooked up to the show’s eDP enter, along side a spread of voltages and permit pins.

What the precise reason why is for the STDP9320 loss of life after a couple of years with what seems to be some more or less interior energy failure or quick, however this bypass repair no less than restores standalone capability. Sourcing a substitute for this out of date IC turns out imaginable, however a large gamble. Unfortunately, it could appear that this Wacom tool will not be a better half for for much longer.