• September 23, 2023

Colourful Break up Keyboard Makes use of VGA Connections

In terms of construction a break up keyboard, you’ve got numerous choices in the case of the cable. Many will use an ordinary 3.5 mm TRRS cable, and others may use one thing extra esoteric like RJ-45 to run between the halves. This simplest works if you happen to’re the use of two controllers; if you happen to simplest need one controller, you must move the matrix from one facet to the opposite, which normally calls for greater than the 4 wires introduced via the aforementioned possible choices. Whilst rummaging round, [Joe Scotto] discovered a VGA cable and concept, why no longer use that?

This beautiful Barbie-themed peripheral is a break up model of an previous board he constructed referred to as the ScottoFly, which is a monoblock break up with a void within the center. As with that one, that is hand-wired the use of thicc brass insulated with heat-shrink, makes use of a cast Three-D-printed plate, and a broadcast case. And prefer a madman, [Joe] coiled the cable.

Sadly, this proved to be problematic within the twine breakage sense, or so he concept. The actual downside became out to be that the center row of pins on a VGA connector all act like floor, so they are able to’t be used to move rows and columns. Alternatively, there have been nonetheless sufficient viable pins to ship the 4×5 matrix throughout. Make sure that to try the construct video after the wreck.

By way of KBD #103