• September 24, 2023

Digitize Your Slide Deck With This Arduino-Powered Slide Carousel

For those who’re above a definite age, you most likely take into accout the ambience of a pre-Powerpoint 35 mm slide display. The wobbly display being unrolled, the darkened room, the comfortable hum of the projector’s fan, the quite grainy image at the display and that unmistakable click-whoosh-clack sound because the projector loaded the following slide. These days you’ll be exhausting pressed to seek out any person prepared to arrange a display and darken the room simply to observe a couple of pictures, so should you nonetheless have any slides mendacity round you’ll most certainly wish to digitize them. For those who’ve additionally stored your projector then this doesn’t even should be that tricky, as [Scott Lawrence] displays in his newest mission.

[Scott] made a setup to without delay attach a DLSR, on this case a Nikon D70, to a Kodak 760 slide carousel. The attachment is made thru a 3D-printed adapter that matches onto the Nikon’s macro lens on one aspect and slides snugly into the carousel’s lens slot at the different. The adapter additionally holds an IR transmitter which is aimed on the digital camera’s receiver, to be able to cause its faraway shutter free up serve as.

The carousel’s authentic gentle supply was once changed with a compact LED studio gentle, which permits for exact brightness keep an eye on and naturally stays great and funky in comparison to the unique incandescent bulb. The sunshine, digital camera and carousel motor are all managed thru a central consumer interface pushed through an Arduino Leonardo which will routinely advance the carousel and instruct the digital camera to take an image, thereby taking the exhausting figure out of digitizing large stacks of slides.

[Scott] plans to make the tool and STL recordsdata to be had on GitHub quickly, so any person can pass forward and switch their projector right into a digitizer. For those who’ve out of place your projector on the other hand, a easy 3D-printed slide adapter on your digital camera additionally works for small slide decks.