Drinker’s surprise as pub warns customers they’ll be kicked out – for using mobile phones

David Beckam

Drinkers have been left surprised after a pub chain enforced a strict no mobile phone warning. One customer took a picture of a dusty sign on display at the Samuel Smiths Old Brewery in Tadcaster.

According to the sign anyone using any technology will be asked to leave. This includes making calls or texts or using the internet, reports the Daily Star.

And after the surprised drinker posted the notices on social media others were quick to say it was no joke. And several confirmed they had been kicked out for texting their mates.

The picture was posted on Reddit. It showed the two pieces of laminated paper with a printed note on them.

One of the sheets warned drinkers the brewery has a strict policy on swearing. The second was about the use of technology.

The first read: “We wish to inform our customers that we have introduced a zero tolerance policy against swearing in all of our public houses. It offends customers and doesn’t create the environment we would like in our public houses’, ending the explanation with the words ‘please respect this policy’ in capital letters.

In the second notice customers are told: “The use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops for taking & making calls, texting streaming & general browsing are strictly forbidden on these premises.

“Failure to follow the company policy will result in the refusal of service and being asked to leave the premises. Thank you for your co-operation on this matter.” It was ended with the words Samuel Smiths Old Brewery (Tadcaster)

Samuel Smith pubs, which are owned by Humphrey Smith, are known for their bizarre policies and operate over 200 pubs mostly situated in the north of England. The website for the chain of pubs describe themselves as ‘the perfect pub’ and quote George Orwell’s 1945 essay ‘The Moon under Water’ saying that their pubs describe Orwell’s ideal pub.

Reddit users were quick to share their opinion, some stating that they have visited some of the branches where the rules are enforced. Others said it was a genuine policy.

ManThatsDan posted: “Can confirm he did this in Hull. I was in one of their pubs in Chester and got chucked out for texting a friend.” And Joshlikescheese said: “My school had a tradition of going there on our last day, I think we managed one pint before all being thrown out and heading to spoons”

And Left-Steak2819 commented: “Don’t forget the other Sam Smiths rules, such as: No Smiling, Don’t be happy. Don’t complain about the price. No hipsters. No pets. No positive conversations.”

Bee_administrator added: “So no swearing or mobile phones? Has this person ever visited Britain, even for an hour or so?”

Samuel Smiths has previously confirmed the policy. As far back as in 2019 it said there would be no televisions, music or other electronic devices inside their premises.

They said the measures were introduced in order to ensure the brewery maintained a “traditional, uncompromisingly Victorian aesthetic,” while maintaining the notion that “pubs are for social conversation person to person.”

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