• September 26, 2023

GB Interceptor Permits Are living Display Seize From Sport Boy

[Sebastian] had a tough downside to unravel. Competition in a Tetris match had to movement video in their Sport Boy monitors, however no resolution readily existed. For causes of equity, emulators had been proper out, and no changes may well be made to the Sport Boys, both. Thus, [Sebastian] created the GB Interceptor, a Sport Boy seize cartridge.

Because of the design of the Sport Boy, there’s a number of get admission to to helpful alerts by way of the cartridge port itself. [Sebastian] learned {that a} non-invasive seize tool may well be constructed to sit down in-between the Sport Boy and a cart, and ship video to a pc. Sadly, there’s no direct get admission to to the video RAM by way of this port, however [Sebastian] found out a nifty workaround.

The construct makes use of a Raspberry Pi Pico. The chip’s two cores emulate the Sport Boy’s CPU and Image Processing Unit, respectively. Doing this, whilst having the chips stay alongside of what’s occurring within the Sport Boy, required overclocking the Pico to 225 MHz. The device works by means of shooting knowledge from the cartridge’s reminiscence bus, and follows along side the directions being run by means of the Sport Boy. By way of doing this, the Pico is in a position to populate its personal replica of the video RAM. It then spits this out over USB, the place it may be displayed and streamed on-line as desired.

There are some edge-case barriers, however for its supposed goal, the device works nice. Recently, the {hardware} is usable on Linux and Home windows, regardless that it does require some fiddling within the latter case. Recordsdata are on Github for the ones keen to construct their very own. For those who merely wish to sell off carts fairly than movement out of your Sport Boy, we will assist there, too. Video after the wreck.