How to Fix Scratches on Engineered Hardwood Floors?

David Beckam

There is nothing perfect, regardless of how durable and high quality it is. Similarly, it doesn’t count how many attributes engineered hardwood floors provide; the margin is always there. This flooring can hold daily wear and tear; still, there is a limit that should not exceed.

Aren’t you tired of searching for how to fix scratches on engineered hardwood floors? Scratches are of different types, and each needs different treatment. You can fix a normal scratch with buffing, while heavy scratches demand a complete repair kit. They can be treated using rubbing alcohol and other items.

I know you need every point in detail so you can pursue the steps comfortably. Hold on because I will explain each point entirely, so you do not need to explore any other article. Here we go.

How to Fix Engineered Hardwood Scratches Easily?

There are many great engineered hardwood flooring options. But once they get scratched due to any reason, they can look dull and their aesthetic appeal is ruined.

Before fixing this issue, buying a kit for wood floor scratch repair containing all the essentials needed in this process is better. You can buy this kit from different stores at a suitable rate. The kit is available in large and medium sizes. Pick the one according to your necessity.

Apart from the kit, you need a few other items that help you to conclude this work better. Those items are:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Putty knife
  • Broom
  • Cotton swabs
  • White cloth
  • Washcloth

Once you have all these critical things, you are ready to treat your engineered hardwood floor full of scratches. Whether the scratches are on washroom floors or you want to fix living room floors, the approach is similar. Let’s get straight to the methods section.

1- Clear the Surface

The room where you need to fix the scratches must be vacant to begin the work easily and without limitations. Floor preparation is the first step. Extract every piece of furniture, pull all the sofas, remove all small items from the room, and make yourself all set for this work.

Once everything is removed, take a mop or sweep and release dust particles, so the floor is thoroughly tidy. Cleaning is needed in the floor preparation section.

2- Use Rubbing Alcohol

It might be surprising, but rubbing alcohol can remove light scratches. Ensure you have bought the right product from a valuable brand. Take a microfiber cloth and add a few drops of alcohol to it. Dab the cloth on the scratched surface.

Rubbing Alcohol for Engineered Hardwood Floors

Keep doing it until there is no scratch left. It will also empty dirt from the floor. Remember, it is applicable only for light scratches that can be treated. For heavy and dark ones, we have other tactics to observe.

3- Prepare the Floor Wax

Wood floor wax is another promising way to treat scratches. Buy the one specially designed for the wooden floor, so it shows convincing results. The wax comes in different colors, so ensure you have bought the exact color that matches the floor; otherwise, it will look odd.

Floor Wax for Engineered Hardwood Floors

I couldn’t get an accurate color, so I mixed different colors to have the required one. Apply wax on the scratched part and leave it for a few minutes or hours. Use a dry cloth to apply the wax. You won’t see the scrapes again. You can also use a putty knife to lay the wax on the scratched part.

4- Refinish the Surface

Refinishing is also good for getting a clear surface back with shine. If the scratches are hard to be taken off, you can refinish the surface and try not to let this incident arise again. You can observe this finishing method at home as the plank installation system is straightforward.

refinish the Engineered Hardwood Floors surface

5- Use Hardwood Scratch Concealer

Many people might not be familiar with this concealer that clears the white lines from the floor and also eliminates scratches. You can follow the bottle instructions to use this concealer; even your kids can apply it smoothly.

Hardwood Scratch Concealer for Engineered Hardwood Floors

Let the concealer on the scratch part for at least 4 hours, so it fully cures. Remember not to use this product in direct sunlight. It can be used on different flooring types. It does not apply to interior issues.

Removing Dog Nail Scratches from Engineered Hardwood Floors

As a pet lover, you surely have experienced dog nail scratches. Try not to damage the finishing of your wood floors by trimming your pets’ nails. However, if this incident has already happened, follow the details below for instant action.

Gather a few items so you can quickly conclude this work. They include:

  • Wood cleaner
  • Clean rag
  • Brush
  • Polyurethane
  • Wood marker

1- Prepare the Surface

The surface should be all set to clean by dragging all the carpets, furniture, small items, etc. Take an appropriate cleaner and spread it with a mop. Your floor should be free from mud and dust so you can begin to remove scratches.

To apply the stain for scratch removal, your floor must be smooth because the stain fits on such surfaces in a better way.

2- Use a Stain

Buy an appropriate stain marker or pigmented wood polish matching the floor color. Ensure you are following the right directions while applying this stain. Once done, give enough time to the marker, so it heals properly.

pigmented wood polish for Engineered Hardwood Floors

You can directly use the marker on the scratch, but you should get your hands on a rag for wood polish. If the scratch is minor, a single coat is enough. You can do a double coat according to the condition. Remember that the more you coat, you will notice a slight color change in floors.

3- Use a Finish for Glossy Look

For this, you can use Polyurethane to give a glossy touch to the floors. This product is also helpful in matching the floor finishing.

Different Scratch Repair Methods

I have also listed a few other techniques because you never know what works well. I always keep exploring different methods to facilitate a maximum number of people. Let’s check those alternative strategies.

1- Rub Steel Wool on Scratches

Have you ever tried to cover light scratches with steel wool? It will be a new technique for many people, but it works accurately for minor scratches. Lightly rub the ball of wool over the scratches but be mindful of not creating more chaos.

Rub Steel Wool on Scratches on Engineered Hardwood Floors

2- Use a Wood Filler

The wood filler you will buy should be according to the floor color. Pick a putty knife and apply this filler over the scratched part. Your floor will be all clear.

3- Seal the Part

Once you have applied all the techniques, including sanding, steel wool, and wood filler, seal that part and get rid of scratches permanently.

Engineered hardwood floors are long-lasting, so do not let them lose their original form and shine because of minor issues. Treat them immediately as soon you notice dullness or scratches so they don’t harm your floors more.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

We have a few questions to share to add more information to this guide regarding how to fix scratches on engineered hardwood floors. Let’s check those queries.

Can You Remove Scratches from Engineered Hardwood Floors?

Everything is possible with a little effort. You can fix all the minor and major scratches or scuff marks by following the right strategy. Scratches occur due to different reasons, so follow the pattern specially designed for a particular purpose.

Bring a stain marker and cover your minor scratches if they are made because of dog or cat nails. You can refinish the surface or use a scratch concealer. They will vanish in no time.

How to Prevent Engineered Floors from Scratches?

With a few tips, you can keep your floors scratch-free. Remember to keep door mats so the dirt from the foot doesn’t directly enter your house. Never ignore the power of regular cleaning; otherwise, it invites different germs, bacteria, etc.

I have placed different mats on floors to avoid scratches and accidents. The vacuum or mop should be an ideal fit for engineered floors. By observing these tips, you can protect your floors.

Can You Buff Engineered Floors?

You can smoothly buff minor scratches; however, major scratches can’t show positive results with buffing.

Is Water Harmful to Engineered Floors?

Water is not good for engineered planks because they are not waterproof. Always keep limited use of water or cleaner to avoid damage. You should always avoid using steam cleaner because of moisture.

Final Thoughts

It is always bad to have scratches or scuff marks on your favorite flooring. However, you should know how to cover it if it has happened accidentally. I have also experienced this matter, so I know what strategies will work.

I have given different methods above that you can observe to make your flooring smooth. Each strategy should be followed according to the situation. For minor scratches, a train marker will do its job. For heavy ones, follow the other techniques.

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