• December 2, 2023

Installing a New Roof — What to Pay Attention to

A house without a roof can hardly be called a house. But technically, the construction of the roof is a very difficult task. This system requires high accuracy in calculations, the use of high-quality materials, and compliance with technologies. That is why it is necessary to take this process seriously. Let’s figure out what to consider when installing a new roof.

Which roof to select?

The choice is very large, because there are many constructive options at your disposal.

Flat roof

The installation of such a roof is the quickest. However, structurally, it is not always convenient because it requires a significant margin of safety. Because of its geometry, it has no convenient natural drain, and it is not easy to remove snow from it. In addition, there may be problems with the drainage of rainwater.

Pitched roof

This design is characterized by great variety. Pitched roofs require a smaller margin of safety than flat roofs and are suitable for different architectural solutions for houses. It is easy to remove snow and drain water from them. That is why they have become widespread in the housing industry.

Such roofs are divided into several types.

Attic, roof

The simplest option is a pitched roof, since there is no living space directly under it.

Mansard roof

The mansard roof already requires thermal insulation and other structural solutions, since additional living space is created during its construction.

According to the geometric shapes of pitched roofs, there are:


The slope of such a roof throughout the structure is directed in one direction.


The slope of the slopes of such a roof is directed in two opposite directions from the highest edge in the central part of the roof. Such a roof is the most common in housebuilding because it:

It effectively removes precipitation.

It is quite simple in execution.

allows you to create an attic under it.


The hip roof has four slopes since triangular hip slopes are placed on the ends of the building instead of gables, which improve the drainage of precipitation from the roof.


This is a cross between a gable roof and a hip roof; the pediment is not completely replaced by hip roofs. Only in the upper part is there a small, triangular slope above the pediment.


There are three or more triangular ramps in the hipped roof, which converge at the highest point. Such a roof removes precipitation well; snow comes off it perfectly. Its only drawback is a rather complex design, which can hardly be done independently without the help of experienced roofers.

 Is it possible to install the roof yourself?

Sometimes homeowners believe that it is better to save money and install the roof of the house themselves. People think like this: “I’d rather spend more time, but I’ll save 5-7 thousand dollars in my personal budget.”

However, the installation of the roof is a complex technological process. It requires special knowledge, skills, and experience. You should know the features of roofing materials and the subtleties of handling tools.

And the main point is that installing a roof involves numerous risks. You can:

– Make a mistake in the choice and quantity of material.

– fall off the roof and sustain injuries

– incorrectly install the roofing material.

The most reliable option is to entrust the installation of the roof to professionals and industry leaders. For example, Advance Roofing, a recognized and leading contractor in Spokane, offers a full range of roofing services. We know the features of all roofing materials. We will help develop a project and provide a highly qualified team of craftsmen. Moreover, we are ready to consult for free and make a full estimate for all services.