• September 26, 2023

MikroLeo, A 4-Bit Unfashionable Finding out Platform

MikroLeo is a discrete TTL logic-based microcomputer meant for tutorial functions created by way of [Edson Junior Acordi], an Electronics Professor on the Brazilian Federal Institute of Paraná, Brazil. The 4-bit CPU has a Harvard RISC structure constructed completely from 74HCT collection common sense fastened on a two-sided PCB the usage of simplest through-hole portions. With 2K phrases of instruction RAM and 2K phrases of addressable RAM, the CPU has a identical useful resource degree to related machines of outdated, giving scholars a really feel for tips on how to paintings inside tight constraints.

Simulation of the circuit is conceivable with virtual, with the devoted PCB designed with KiCAD, so there must be sufficient there to get cracking with it. 4 4-bit IO ports make interfacing simple, with devoted INput and OUTput directions for the aim. An assembler, compiler, and emulator are all being labored on (so far as we will be able to inform) so stay a watch out for that, if this challenge is of passion to you.

We adore computer systems a little bit round those portions, the “hackier” and more unusual the simpler. Even simply within the 4-bit unfashionable area, we’ve noticed such a lot of, from the ones constructed round historical ALU chips to these constructed from discrete transistors and diodes, however you don’t wish to pass down that street, an emulation platform can scratch that unfashionable itch, with out the similar degree of ache.