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David Beckam


The philosophy: Upon entering the exhaust market late in 2021 for the G8x platform we thank you for all the continued support of our exhaust configurations. This last year of development has taught us so much about how to build the best products for our customers around the world. Thank you to all of those who keep us accountable and challenge us to best serve the community. As the market catches up, it is time for us to take our next step and bring a new exhaust configuration to market for the G8x platform, this time with a twist. Enthusiasts from around the world have asked to have the “Soom” sound for themselves and we are proud to announce that this time is now.

The development: In April of 2022 our development began on a new exhaust configuration that would deliver that high pitch frequency. The solution, as similar to the F8x platform, is a true equal length design that perfectly equalizes the exhaust pulses from the engine in order for them to exit the exhaust at the exact same time. We will spare you the complicated calculations, but there is 12.21-inch difference in the exhaust length in the BMW G8x downpipes. With our exhaust developments we have designed a lengthening section that attaches to the shorter downpipe in order to perfectly equal out the lengths. After the downpipes are combined together the exhaust travels back in our traditional 3.5 inch single midpipe and flows into the revised rear section. This rear section features new valve construction and a new muffler casing in order to minimize drone and increase sound flexibility from valves open to valves closed.

The most interesting part of our development stemmed from our new found understanding of the differences from manual to automatic sound characteristics. Having tested this new exhaust configuration on both transmissions we are amazed at how different the two sound. Comparing the 6 speed manual to the 8 speed ZF, the automatic car revs climb so much faster in gear due to each ratio being tighter stacked. On a free rev while stationary, the high pitch sound is fully present, just as it is in Soom’s car. This discovery was truly fascinating.

The sound: As Soom’s car is widely praised for that unique sound, we are so proud that this setup sound is almost identical on a free rev. While driving that sound persists on the manual transmission cars all the way to the redline. On automatic cars, as the gear ratios are closer stacked, the sound is slightly more flat, but still extremely enjoyable through the entire rev range. With the valves open this setup is very aggressive, but with the valves closed you will forget you even put an exhaust on your G80.

We are very proud to bring an updated exhaust system to the community. The system will be available to be heard at BIMMER INVASION in Orlando Florida. If you are unable to hear the setup in person we invite you to enjoy this sound clip we have curated. We will be releasing more sound clips soon. If you are interested in getting your car setup with this system, preorders will be live on our website and through Valvetronic Designs Dealers. Original exhaust systems will still be available for purchase as we have these units in stock and ready for immediate dispatch at a sizeable discount. The revised system will be available in both T304 stainless steel or titanium. Let us know your thoughts or if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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Sound clips!

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