Platonic Fullerene Chemistry and the Details Singularity

David Beckam

In the course of the 6th Century BC, the Greek thinker Thales, who researched political ethics at the Egyptian Mystery Educational institutions, was followed by the philosopher Pythagoras. In the 4th Century BC the scientist Anaxagoras formulated the idea of the Nous, a whirling drive that acted upon primordial particles in area to form worlds. Plato fused ethics into the Nous, which was held to transmit infinite residing evolutionary info to human consciousness, as a result of the mind’s eye. In the course of the 3rd Century BC the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy’s fusing of ethics into the Nous resulted in the Greek Science for Ethical Finishes and the Science of Universal Adore. In the latter science the harmonic moon’s Audio of the Spheres was held to transmit evolutionary wisdom to the atoms of a mother’s soul, to explain her love and compassion for small children.

The Nous power became known as gravity and the mind’s eye is about the operating of liquid crystal optics inside cellular membranes, transmitting intuitive pattern recognition of the sacred geometrical dance of existence enfolding protein in DNA. Pythagoras’ linking of light-weight to the Music of the Spheres described an electromagnetic phenomenon guiding evolution. Through the 18th and 19th Hundreds of years, scientists these types of as Kant, Orsted, Humboldt and Schelling, included in the discovery of electromagnetic forces, tried to find an ethical Godlike religious (holographic) intent, in buy to create a religious technological know-how to make the electric powered motor a child’s toy by comparison.

Scientist have found the basis of this futuristic technologies as becoming involved with the female cellular electromagnetic field, as it morphs the electromagnetic motor driving the sperm’s tail into the variety of the centriole, when it penetrates the ovum. This in turn energises the to start with bone designed in the embryo, the sphenoid bone, which then guides the electromagnetic operating of acutely aware believed within just the human metabolic rate. In 1990 the World’s most significant technological analysis institute IEEE SPIE Milestone Collection in Washington reprinted the optical mathematics of the Science-Art Study Centre of Australia. The Centre’s discovery was that seashell evolution was guided by new physics legal guidelines governing ideal advancement and developmental via room-time. This was the world’s to start with arduous measurement of the mathematical lifestyle-power of the Music of the Spheres and the analysis methodology now can be applied to humanoid evolution. In 1995 the President of the Institute for Standard Investigation upgraded the arithmetic to embrace physics rules, lying beyond the creativeness of recent entropic science.

HRH Prince Charles has created a ebook entitled Harmony and the scientist Dr Richard Merrick, at the University of Texas, has created a guide termed Interference. The Science-Art research Centre of Australia is about to publish its guide The 21st Century Renaissance, in collaboration with the Florentine New Measurement of Humanity Project. All three textbooks refer to the value of the ancient Greek idea known as The Music of the Spheres.

In the 1959 Rede Lecture shipped at Cambridge College the Molecular Biologist Sir C P Snow, recommended that except if present day science was reunited with the ancient Greek Humanities, civilisation would be destroyed. The engineer Buckminster Fuller wrote about this scenario in his reserve Utopia or Oblivion. Prince Charles has reawakened a critical curiosity in the Music of the Spheres notion, fulfilling Buckminster Fuller’s prediction that a new human survival paradigm would arise from in just the Humanities.

Observer participancy is about mind influencing make a difference. Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg and other experts referred to this phenonemon as the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics, obeying the regulation of best chaos. Nonetheless, other scientists such as the 1937 Nobel Prize winner in Drugs Albert Szent-Gyorgyi deemed this to be an insane interpretation. He realised that universal consciousness was becoming created to equilibrium the energies of destruction in get to reduce the universe from reverting to chaos, a strategy belonging to the teachings of the Egyptian Deity Maat.

Western civilisation, governed by the 2nd legislation of thermodynamics, is unable to think about the linking of existence-power to negentropic values, so producing the species Homo Entropicus. This species ought to come to be extinct, in accordance to Einstein’s leading law of all science. The acceleration of technological details is swiftly approaching an facts crisis, referred to as an facts singularity, which inside of our existing culture can only become subject matter to terminal chaos.

To protect against these types of a dying sentence becoming enacted upon Homo Entropicus,when it arrivies at the facts singularity, it need to harness negentropic technologies in purchase to totally free humanity from its dependence on an obsolete fossil fuel based mostly financial state. For Homo Entropicus to survive it need to improve its state of mind, letting alone to embrace the negentropic opportunity of the functioning of a holographic common vitality system. This reappraisal of the actual mother nature of information and facts by area-time, will allow the human species to efficiently utilise the details singularity. In carrying out so, Homo Entropicus will have made the essential quantum leap into an infinite potential.

The big obstacle is greed, pushed by a absence of moral knowledge and a primitive lust for electric power. The Science for Ethical Finishes was based on the physics principles upholding the harmonic houses of the Songs of the Spheres.

At the starting of this century Sir Isaac Newton’s unpublished papers, identified throughout the 20th Century, proclaimed the existence of a additional profound philosophy to complete the mechanical description of the universe (Gregory, R. 1989, Alchemy of Make any difference and Thoughts, Nature.Vol 324. 30 November, site 473). Newton dependent his conviction upon the physics ideas upholding the New music of the Spheres. He had also composed that the houses of light connected to gravity transmitted evolutionary details acting instantaneously by way of area-time, the really core quantum non nearby result principle necessary to survive the info singularity.

The theories of Nikolai Kozyrev, examined by the Science-Artwork Study Centre, have been viewed as relevant to their popular seashell discoveries of new physics laws governing the best possible biological progress and advancement. By upgrading their Music of the Spheres study methodology, Kozyrev’s warping of space-time propulsion theories, for the harnessing of negentropic engineering, was uncovered to be steady with the lately found out negentropic properties of carbon. It is foolish to continue to classify Newton’s unpublished Heresy Papers as remaining the merchandise of an insane mind, employed somehow to support a purported Axis of Evil, threatening Western Tradition. Western culture will be able to develop the ethic technologies and save humanity from an entropic information and facts singularity extinction, at the time it breaks totally free from the entropic legislation it has imposed upon alone. The rigorous mathematical base for the new technologies can be found by nano-photographic procedures observing the performing of the ‘Molecule of Emotion’, discovered by Dr Candace Pert in 1972.

The difference concerning the mathematical cultures of the Secret Universities of Babylon and Egypt has been manufactured fairly distinct. The Egyptian mathematics was about blocking the universe from reverting to chaos, while Einsteinian arithmetic, derived from the Babylonian university, demanded that the universe should revert to chaos. The mathematician Lord Bertrand Russell, devoted to the research of historical mythological mathematical intuitions, wrote his influential ebook, The Freeman’s Worship, in which he claimed humanity had no solution but to worship Einstein’s comprehending of the Babylonian arithmetic.Even so, Einstein’s knowing of the geometry of the Babylonian mathematics was that it need to direct to an eventual universal chaos. This turned the basis of world economic rationalism, which is now accelerating that chaos.

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