QR Codes for Mobile Marketing: Increase Your Engagements and Conversions

David Beckam

The use of QR codes is proven to be an excellent marketing strategy for boosting engagement and brand recall across all digital platforms, especially on mobile. This is a crucial step for brands that want to dominate the online space and command their credibility among their competitors.

Considering that 5 billion people around the world use the internet according to DataReportal, establishing your presence online gets all the more significant.

The best part is, an advanced QR code generator online helps businesses keep up with the demand for QR codes for mobile marketing. Brands can easily execute different mobile marketing campaigns, as the tool is readily available and easy to use.

If you’re eyeing to capitalize on QR codes for mobile marketing, here’s how you can apply them in your marketing initiatives and programs.

Lead customers and clients directly to your landing page

In your online and offline promotional materials, putting a QR code that leads to your landing page is one of the most effective ways to increase ranking in search engines. This means a good opportunity for your business because you’re showing your authority in the digital space.

Using QR codes to lead people to your website also takes away the extra process of manually searching your website on the search bar. Of course, you have to optimize your website, too, so people are welcomed with a mobile-friendly interface upon visiting your landing page.

Link to your latest social media campaign or promotional material

If you’ve recently launched a video campaign on your social media platforms and you want to increase its viewership, one of the ways to do it is by promoting them through a video QR code. Similarly, place them in your online and offline materials to increase the chance of people seeing the code and scanning them.

Hitting two birds with one stone, it’s also an effective method to redirect them on your official social media pages! Of course, it’s not always a guarantee that they’ll like the page, but this increases the possibility by making the process a lot easier for them.

Scan to get exclusive discounts and promos

Running promotions and exclusive discount advertisements is already an excellent sales strategy. Alongside, this is best partnered with an equally excellent marketing strategy using QR codes to promote them more efficiently to your target audience. Relaying them to the correct audience is vital to consider the ads an actual success.

Nevertheless, you can also serve this QR code as an incentive for people that will scan. For example, a food business can serve a freebie once customers scan the QR codes printed on their receipts. A clothing business can include a freebie once people scan the QR codes on the tags of the shirts. The possibilities are endless in marketing with discounts and promos.

Versatile QR codes for all your marketing needs

Whether it’s promoting your products or informing them about their purchase, QR codes are versatile. You can use them for almost any marketing campaign, both online and offline. As mentioned, a reliable QR code generator with logo software offers an array of advanced features such as customization for branding and updating information through dynamic QR codes.

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