SimplyConnect Expands Patient-Centered, Paperless

David Beckam

MINNEAPOLIS, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SimplyConnect announced their paperless healthcare technology expansion in Minnesota today and nationwide in the upcoming months. This patient-centered technology seamlessly connects siloed healthcare providers and vendors to remove common roadblocks that limit high-quality patient care.

“It’s about real-time information, centered on the patient,” says Craig Patnode, founder and CEO of SimplyConnect. “It’s about simplifying complexity so healthcare providers can focus on their calling: providing excellent care. Less paperwork, and more actionable data. It’s a win for patients, providers, and payers.”

SimplyConnect drew on their 20+ years of healthcare technology innovation to develop patient-centered paperless healthcare. Premier partner NOTIFY, the nation’s most trusted alert system in senior care, partnered with SimplyConnect to break down technology barriers and seamlessly connect siloed healthcare providers and vendors.

SimplyConnect empowers patients, their families and care teams with real-time HIPAA-secure data. Care teams can manage their patient’s healthcare journey from anywhere. With SimplyConnect’s integrated healthcare and seamless communications via voice + text + video + push-to-talk, it’s like bringing together a patient, their family, their nurses, physicians, pharmacists, providers, and payers all in the same room to provide the best possible healthcare.

Patnode is dedicated to developing better workflows through healthcare technology. “Everyone wins with an integrated system,” he says. “Connected data provides for better staff efficiency, reducing their daily zigzag. That means less burnout, and better staff retention. It means actionable risk-reduction data which leads to better patient outcomes. Easier ways to inform clinical models and lower operational costs. Better aligned healthcare means better care. It’s simple.”

SimplyConnect continues to eliminate obstacles to high-quality healthcare, introducing technologies and new service offerings that helps care teams succeed. With electronic referrals, non-emergency healthcare transportation, and opt in/opt out esign, SimplyConnect continues to refine patient-centric technologies with integrated health & home models.

SimplyConnect is an innovative healthcare technology company with over 20+ years of experience. Craig Patnode, founder and CEO of SimplyConnect, drives his company with a clear mission of creating simplicity out of complexity for patient-centered paperless integrated healthcare. Patnode is the founder and former CEO of both SterilMed and Eldermark, where he invented solutions that broke down barriers to high-quality healthcare in senior living and long-term care facilities nationwide. He also founded NOTIFY nurse call and alert system that uses state-of-the-art technology to streamline communications and care management accessible to care teams, patients and their families.  

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Interviews available at the 2022 Senior Living Executive Conference- Argentum on May 16-18 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Media Contact: Cindy Leines or Ashley Winter, PR (888-235-2780)

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