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David Beckam

What you see – So far, so good! You may have not really bought your furniture from this store, but would have definitely seen those words on the huge hoardings across strategic locations (read: the one where loaded people reside or regularly travel to) in the city. Now this is one advertisement copy that we totally agree with since we found the sofas at Stanley Boutique really, really good.

However, what’s not good with this boutique is its location. Now though it is located at Babukhan Mall, Hyderabad you cannot enter it from there (the sales executive told us that he was new and so didn’t know why). You have to take the lane next to Mangatrai Jewellers and then turn right. Now if you are going to ask a potential customer who has already parked his vehicle at the mall to walk down that lane, you will have to hear Shania Twain’s song – That don’t impress me much!

What you get – Made of Italian leather, the sofas here are available in a large variety of colors. So don’t be surprised if you ask for dark green colored sofas and you find it right there in this boutique. And if you don’t, they would be willing to make those for you. Custom-styling options, therefore, are available at Stanley Boutique.

Apart from colors, you can even choose the thickness of the leather that you want your sofas to be made of (0.9 mm, 1 mm etc). You should check out the reptile and weave prints if you prefer your sofas with some designs. And if you are looking for the recliner variety of sofas go for the La-Z-Boy brand. On these sofas you can rock, recline or even sleep. Don’t even think of using these at your workplace for the sake of productivity.

It’s not just great sofas that you can find at Stanley. Check out their small but admirable collection of tables, chairs, cushions, clocks, lamp shades and other interesting decorative pieces. In fact, you can even get cushions with Swarovski crystals here. And as far as the tables are concerned, we suggest that you should take a look at the center and side tables with curved base. These look really sleek and are sure to make a great impression. Chairs look good too but we found them a little heavy to pull up. Clocks look like the ones you would see at a really old church.

Let’s give you some information on the sales executives here. They are friendly and know what they are selling. They will advise you on what would go for the office and what at home, what color you should choose based on the color of the wall that you have and will even make an instant call to their warehouse in Bangalore to find out how much time it would take to make a new piece of furniture. Great going guys!

Oh! And the biggest deciding factor – the price. Let’s put it this way. If you are looking for style, with great designs, then be ready to splurge a few lakhs in a jiffy.

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