• September 23, 2023

Spinning Holographic POV Christmas Tree Of Dying

[Sean Hodgins] in point of fact harnessed the vacation spirit to create his very personal Massive Spinning Holographic Christmas Tree (of Dying). It’s a three-d persistence-of-vision (POV) masterpiece, however as a choice of unexpectedly spinning steel parts, it’s probably somewhat unhealthy as neatly. As [Sean] demonstrates, the gadget can show different pictures and animations way past the world of mere vacation timber.

Preliminary experiments desirous about refining the mechanical construction, bearings, and motor. A 1/2 horsepower A.C. motor used to be decided on after which the size of the tree had been “trimmed” to optimize a triangular body that may be circled on the essential POV pace via the beefy motor.  A six-wire electric slip ring lets in energy and regulate signaling to be coupled to the tree thru its spinning central shaft.

The RGB parts are SK9888 LEDs additionally know as DotStar LEDs. DotStar LEDs are series-chainable, individually-addressable RGB LEDs very similar to NeoPixels. On the other hand, with round 50 occasions the heartbeat width modulation (PWM) charge, DotStars are extra appropriate for POV packages than NeoPixels.  The LED chain is pushed via a Raspberry Pi 4 unmarried board pc the use of a artful gadget for storing symbol frames.

If fatal rotational pace isn’t your cup of tea, believe this slower spinning RGB Christmas tree that includes a DIY slip ring. Or for extra POV, would possibly we advise this minimalist persistence-of-vision show requiring only some LEDs and an ATtiny CPU.