Spring home improvement tips from HGTV’s Chip Wade

David Beckam

Chip Wade joins us with some DIY ideas and helpful products. Chip is an EMMY-winning host of shows loke Elbow Room, Curb Appeal, The Block and other HGTV shows,

What are some popular DIY projects right now? Chip says specifically on the outside there are so there are so many people who want to kind of give their whole homes a refacing with new siding; that definitely is a big difference maker for the way that you feel about your home and the quality and whole sealing of the outside of your structure. He says historically vinyl siding and things for that nature have been more light-colored because the UV hits them, and dark colors don’t withstand the elements that well, until now. He says we have a new product form Ply Gem Home Design called Mastic Board and Batten designer series siding; it has a breakthrough technology called solar that it’s reflective technology that allows us to get those richer dark tones that are so popular. Chip says they even have a great visualizer on their website so if you’re curious of what your house may look like you can throw it on there and get more information.

On the inside of the house, Chip says one of the easiest things you can do is change out your shower head. He says have you ever been in a really nice hotel, you say wow, why is this showering experience so much better than home? Look up. Chip says most likely you are going to see a Speakman showerhead which you can now buy one yourself. They are available at Lowes and Chip tells us they are very easy to install, and the technology just makes it feel like a million bucks in your own shower.

If you are wanting to paint and upgrade and just touch up everywhere, Chips says you have to make sure all your surfaces are sealed up ahead of time and has a product he says is better than silicone. It is from DAP and it is called AMP hybrid sealant. He says it is superior to silicone in its paintability, it’s wet surface application; it’s got low dirt pick-up and it’s crystal clear so it’s good for the kitchen, bath, inside, outside and it is available at Home Depot.

It’s starting to warm up and the grass is starting to peek out. Chip says we have to make sure all our small engines are in good working order on our lawn mowers, our trimmers, our chainsaws. He says clean those air filters but don’t forget to change out your spark plugs with ones that are made for those small engines like the Autolite Iridium Xtreme Start spark plug and says they are easy to change out and you are going to have a season long of amplified performance.

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