• September 26, 2023

The right way to Counter Preemption Regulations that Can Undermine Well being Fairness

Greater than 400 preemption expenses had been filed in state legislatures in 2021 and just about 300 are being thought to be this 12 months. In lots of instances, those

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The place APIs meet Well being Fairness via Design: Introducing the FHIRedApp Well being Innovation

With a heightened center of attention on well being fairness all over our paintings, ONC has followed the concept that of “well being fairness via design.” Alongside the

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Well being fairness and the United Kingdom Well being Safety Company

Image of people's legs walking along a busy street

What’s fitness fairness?

The International Well being Organisation defines fitness fairness as “the absence of unfair and avoidable or remediable variations in fitness amongst inhabitants teams outlined socially, economically, demographically

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Technology raises equity considerations | Modern Healthcare

As providers push more health data to patients through online portals and mobile apps, it’s critical to make sure there aren’t patient populations being left behind.

Small providers in underserved

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The Gateway To Improving Health Equity

Dr. Swift is a Managing Director at PwC, specializing in Whole-Person Care, Population Health Management, and Technology.

Addressing health equity is on the agenda for most healthcare organizations

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Medtronic to provide underserved communities with artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted colonoscopy technology through Health Equity Assistance Program for colon cancer screening

The goal of this program is to increase early detection and diagnosis in underserved communities.

“Addressing gaps in colorectal cancer screening is complex. We know that Black adults are more

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Erasing Bias in Clinical Decision Support to Achieve True Health Equity

Many have claimed that technology will be the great equalizer in healthcare. While technology is objective and purely data-driven and without prejudice, there can still be inherent biases that hamper

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Digital healthcare can be a catalyst for greater equity

  • The pandemic has accelerated the uptake of digital healthcare solutions.
  • This shift to digitalization can be a powerful force in achieving health equity.
  • To do so, we will need to
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