Telonaut – Ebook 1

David Beckam

Telonaut- E-book 1 of the Televerse Series

Matt Tyson

ISBN: 9781535163972


364 internet pages

Sero Novak’s latest age is forty-6 a long time outdated. On the other hand, he was born just one hundred seventeen years back. For the lacking sixty-9 many years, he was just code – a spider map – on a permaDrive, waiting for a system.

At present, he is occupying his eleventh human entire body.

Sero is the direct Telonaut auditor, whose obligation is to examine the area colony of NineDee. As the auditor, he lives on a wet environment earth though assessing building development and having to know the residents and their aspirations..

Attitudes have adjusted significantly more than the earlier generations. Again in the twentieth century, folks hoped their youngsters would have better lives. Individuals worked challenging so that their little ones could have a better lifetime. Everyone competed to have more than their neighbors. This philosophy just failed to function with so several persons getting rid of out in a competitively structured modern society and right after the closing global financial crisis, the entire world crumbled.

Existence experienced to modify. People arrived to believe that that to be thriving teamwork would be critical for the excellent of anyone and the Race was born. Now cooperation regulations, alternatively than level of competition.

By that cooperation modern society create wondrous new things, one particular of which is the plan of becoming a colonist on an extraterrestrial planet. Creating a new civilization brings hope and dreams alive once again.

New planets provide new difficulties. Individuals are however flawed even however men and women do their greatest for the superior of all, at minimum most of the time. Encountering a new natural environment and distinctive daily life varieties is thrilling.

As a result of innovations in know-how, Sero is related to the rest of humanity via NeuroVision’s memory technological know-how for anyone to witness his ordeals, so human modern society life the experience with him – or so it appears.

Sero partners with a teenaged female who phone calls this colony residence. Prid’s relatable character is inquisitive and diligent even though assisting Sero with his explorations into colony life, and adds humor in challenging and harmful conditions – a fantastic contrast to his individual journey of progress via loss grief and resilience.

Currently being science fiction, lessons about humanity, society, ethics, are obvious as perfectly as the consequences of upsetting the pure balance of an natural environment. All through the adventure, the experience of each individual action acquiring an equivalent and reverse response performs out, even if it will take a minor time.

Writer Matt Tyson has penned this dystopian journey whilst operating with a volunteer program in Africa with his relatives now residing in South Africa. He earned a bachelor diploma in Genetics and a masters degree in Bioinformatics from the University of Liverpool in England and the novel contains a prosperity of plausible and in depth scientific background on how a upcoming modern society might stitch together.

Telonaut possesses a profitable mix with exceptional character growth, regular uncertainty above when the figures are harmless, tumbling experience and unsafe conditions, along with the introduction of new existence varieties, which forces the reader to wonder about the selections for everyone’s survival in a futuristic placing applying scientific improvements in a seemingly utopian condition.

With every web site, the reader is with Sero observing the new worlds of equally NineDee and future Earth. Be a part of the journey of Sero, through his eyes as the guide Telonaut auditor.

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