• December 4, 2023

The Basics of Water Coolers

How on earth would offices, homes, and workplaces in general survive without – water coolers? In our world, heat can only travel in one direction, which is from a higher temperature to a lower temperature. Thus, it seems that water cooler dispenser (along with air conditioners and fridges) have defied one of the most basic laws of nature! Here’s a peek at a few of the basics of water coolers.

The Working Principle Behind Water Coolers

According to experts, the working principle of a water cooler dispenser, fridge or air conditioner is very much simple – To introduce the object whose temperature you wish to decrease to an even colder object, so that when the heat from the hot object is transferred to the colder object, the former is rendered cold. Did you get what I’m trying to say? Well, anyway I’m sorry if the description is kind of too scientific.

Well, the magic that boils and freezes at a very low temperature is what we call a refrigerant. Refrigerants are not actually amazing because they boil liquid into a vapor and condense from a vapor into a liquid at a low temperature, but because they do so quickly and seamlessly.

In a water cooler dispenser, the water is introduced to the cooler by filing a container called a cooler reservoir. The reservoir is like a mini-fridge and is surrounded by coils where the refrigerant flows.

A water cooler dispenser actually is made up of four major components – A compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. First, the low-pressure and low-temperature refrigerant gas is pumped into the compressor, which literally compresses the gas and raises its pressure.

The high-pressure, high-temperature gas next passes on to the condenser, which as the name suggests, condenses the gas, and decreases its temperature. This is done by making it flow in long, winding coils.

The condenser causes the gas to lose its heat in the same manner as blowing on your hot coffee makes it more tolerable. The extracted heat is then vented out into the surroundings, which explains why the back of your fridge is warm.

The gas is now converted into liquid, but one of moderate pressure and temperature. On the other hand, the expansion valve looks quite similar as that of a spray can nozzle, and as the liquid inside the can is pressurized, when one pushes the nozzle, the liquid spurts out into a region of low pressure. The expansion represents a decline in pressure, which simultaneously causes a drop in pressure. Thus, the refrigerant, after exiting the valve, becomes cold, low or moderate pressure liquid. 

Now, let’s talk about the component which produces cold, thirst-quenching water in a water cooler dispenser. This final component is called the evaporator, and this comprise a fan which sucks up the air of the region intended to be cooled (Just like an air conditioner).

But, a water cooler dispenser does not necessarily employ a separate or dedicated unit to evaporate the cold refrigerant. The coils which surround the reservoir often form the condenser itself.

The warm water surrounded by cold coils actually transfers its heat to them, and what pours out of the faucet is cold and thirst-quenching water. The refrigerant in the pipes, now heated, is then pumped into the compressor and the cycle repeats itself.

How to Select the Right Water Dispenser

Now, let’s go straight to discussing how to buy the appropriate water cooler dispenser.

First, all types of water dispensers come in a wide assortment of sizes and uses. Some water dispenses are designed to fit in small areas like tabletops or countertops in homes and offices, while others are suitable for use in kitchens and building hallways, as well as in other public places.

Today, water cooler dispensers are very popular items because add a lot of convenience to an everyday need, which is the need to drink cool, thirst-quenching water. Thus, selecting the right one is crucial, although it would all depend on the necessity.

For example, if simple access to water is your only requirement, then a standard mounted water cooler dispenser would probably be the best option. But, if filtered water that can be heated or cooled is necessity, then a bottled water or point-of-use water dispenses is the much better option.

Choosing between these top options could also depend on the circumstances available. Like if the dispenser can easily be hooked up to a main water line, then a point-of-use dispense would be a better option because it can provide an unlimited supply of cold water.

But, if there is no access to a main water line, then a bottled water dispenser is an easy way to provide clean and filtered water. Thus, deciding on the needs of the water cooler dispenser will be very helpful when it comes to getting the right one for you.

And, as hot and cold water will always be part of our daily life, as we need hot water for soups and teas, and cold water for quenching our thirst during those hot sunny days, all you need is the best water cooler dispenser that you can ever find. 

Although there’s plenty to choose from in the market today, knowing exactly what water cooler dispenser you are looking for should help to make the selection process much easier (and more cost-efficient too). 

And, once you find the most suitable water dispenser for your needs, you will definitely enjoy the convenience and functionality that it offers, as it can be easily connected to your existing plumbing, and allows you to customize your drinking water.