• December 2, 2023

The most popular mistakes when installing roofs and how to avoid them

Н1: Top 5 Mistakes When Installing a New Roof

The roof is a very important element that is designed to reliably protect the house and its residents from precipitation and frost. Roof installation is usually carried out in the summer. However, it can pass a full-fledged strength test only in the autumn and winter. Unfortunately, not all the shortcomings can be noticed immediately. In the article, we have highlighted the most common mistakes committed during the construction of roofs and provided brief tips on how to avoid them.

Mistake 1. No project

The biggest mistake that can be made while installing a roof is to abandon the project. The assessment is developed taking into account the loads, permissible loads, and climate, and also contains all the necessary drawings and information about the materials that will be used while installing the structure. In fact, this is an instruction for the installation of the roof and protection even from the technical errors made by the professionals accidentally.

It is not worth making changes by yourself, especially if they relate to the replacement of one roofing material with another or imply changes in load-bearing structures. Personal changes can be made only after consultation with a specialist.

Mistake 2: Preferring to reduce the costs due to materials

In no case should we neglect the necessary quantity and size of materials for a small area of roof. So, if it is clearly written in the project that the area needs to be attached with five nails, you should not expect that four can be enough. Such savings in the long term can significantly harm the design.

Mistake 3: Lack of a lining carpet

The roof protects the house from all adverse natural factors, from sudden temperature fluctuations to ultraviolet radiation and hail. Therefore, it must be sealed, or else leaks will appear at the first sign of bad weather.

Lining carpets are required when installing roofs with flexible shingles, seam roofs, and materials such as ceramic tiles.

Contact M&Y Pittsburgh Roofing in case of roof leakage, and we will advise you on the duration and cost of repairing a roof leak.

Mistake 4: Rafters or crates made of untreated timber

There should be no cracks, bark, rotten knots of mold, or something similar on the wood. Such materials may contain fungus, insects, and other pests, which, after installation, will spread very quickly to the entire roof. In this case, the roof will need urgent repair or replacement. So it’s definitely not worth saving on materials.

Wood must be treated with antiseptic, moisture-proof, and refractory compounds. This will help protect the roof from fungus and pests and extend its service life.

Error 5: Improperly organized drainage

The accumulation of ventilation risers, architectural quirks, and the wrong angle of inclination—all this prevents the water from flowing through to the point where it does not damage the house. This shortens the life of not only the roof but the whole house. During precipitation, water flows down the walls, soaking everything in its path and even flooding the foundation.

In fact, there are much more errors: improper waterproofing, unheated pipes, poor-quality installation, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you trust the roof installation only to experienced roofers who strictly comply with all building regulations. And if you doubt our competence, then contact M&Y Pittsburgh Roofing, and we will provide you with roof repair services.