This Is the Time to Find Meaning and Purpose in Your Job

David Beckam

Many professionals want to love their jobs, but only a few actually do. For many people, their jobs become monotonous very quickly. If you have come to this blog then you must be going through a similar situation where you find yourself less content with what you are doing for a living. 

The feeling of not being happy with your job is not something you are alone in. Instead, hundreds of employees questioned their jobs and even left for good in the past two years. The Great Resignation is just another form of expression where employees are not bowing down to strict in-office requirements and other corporate rules that are making their life stressful. 

The pandemic has surely brought many discomforts globally but it is also a driving factor for a new mindset. Employees all over the world are feeling less satisfied with what they are doing and are pushing themselves and others to bring change in their careers.

If employees felt a deeper sense of purpose in their work, they would choose to stay a little longer. This is what many experts recommend to employers who are stressed about the increasing turnover rate in their workforce. 

However, the truth is that there is a lot more that goes into keeping employees satisfied with their jobs. Take a small example here; many companies were forced to adapt to remote working standards after the deadly virus outbreak. While many companies were depending upon employees to adopt the culture and work individually through the issues, companies that provided their employees with remote working tools like handy laptops, headphones, and even high-speed internet services. Spectrum plans are a go-to choice for many due to their affordable pricing.   

While this was for the employers, if you are an employee wanting to change how you perceive your career, here is what you need to do: 

Positive Association with Your Work 

Work is simply an activity that requires mental and physical effort – because of our effort, we are paid. Here you must reframe your mindset regarding how you perceive your work. Instead of thinking of it as a burden that you have to get rid of on a day-to-day basis, to be paid, you should focus on being paid for the work you value. Start your day thinking positively about your work. Most importantly, do some small, but effective exercises in-between your working hours. For example, commit to eating or trying something new for lunch every second day. Or, invest in a new gadget that you can explore while also getting your work done. All of these little things will make you look forward to your work. 

Take Values Assessment

To find value in what you do, you must first match your values with your company’s mission, aims, and vision. If both, you and your company’s visions align, then you are good to go. However if in any way you think differently about the end result than what your company believes in then you have to make some conscious decisions.

Seek a Moment of Consciousness

When it gets hard to focus on work, take yourself to a moment of consciousness. You can achieve this moment by meditating. And for meditation, you only need some silent moments to breathe. You can either breathe in the fresh air or take a walk down the road to collect your thoughts. You can even start writing down your feelings to connect with your heart and your head.

Conclusion: Changing Your Mindset

You will receive the true sense and purpose of your work once you explore your inner creativity. Sometimes our interests and job are conflicted and we often sacrifice the things we love doing the most. So, instead of going to the negative path take out some time to explore your creative side.

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