November 27, 2022

A professional’s view

Andrew Sacre, Proprietor, Jeepster: “The primary time we had [FJ Cruisers] in, my technician had a possibility to take a look at them. They had been all 3 years previous or thereabouts – somewhat low mileage – and my technician in truth idea they had been just about new. We haven’t had one unmarried guaranty declare, no longer one factor. And so they’re great to force, even when I’ve messed with suspension lifting and terrain tires. I offered one to Steve Grantley (of the rock band Stiff Little Palms) and he says it’s the most efficient automobile he’s ever owned – and he has slightly fleet of automobiles.”

Purchaser beware


Engine: Top oil intake can also be a topic. The oil rings don’t seal correctly over the years and the oil passes thru and reasons burning problems. The extent of oil will drop and require topping up. Additionally, black smoke coming from the exhaust can be every other symptom of an engine that has oil burning problems, so make certain the engine doesn’t smoke. 

Wait for blow-by, too. That is the place the piston rings don’t seem to be sealing correctly and air reveals its method throughout the gaps between the compression rings and the cylinder partitions. When examining an FJ Cruiser, get started the engine and take away the oil dipstick. Position your hand on best of the dipstick pipe and if it blows a large number of air, then this engine has severe problems. A small quantity of blow-by is customary, although. 

The water pump too can expand leaks and the entrance and the rear crankshaft seals can leak oil. The oil power sensor can expand system faults and it’s possible you’ll see some false indicators. The timing belt tensioner pulley may be identified to fail and this may motive the belt to wobble. With a hefty naturally aspirated V6, don’t be shocked in case your FJ Cruiser averages round 20mpg – so brace your pockets for the petrol pumps.

Transmission: The gearbox is thought of as just about bulletproof. The one downside in some fashions was once a transmission shudder that may motive vibrations.

Inside: Toyota US recalled round 310,000 FJ Cruisers from the 2007 thru 2013 type years on account of an issue involving the seatbelt retractors. The seatbelts for the motive force and entrance passenger are fastened at the rear doorways, and on account of the inadequate power of the rear-door panel, cracks can expand over a longer time frame, particularly if the rear doorways are again and again and forcefully closed. If cracks seem across the decrease seatbelt retractor’s anchor, the retractor may loosen and detach.