What is Business Technology? – Characteristics & Development – Video & Lesson Transcript

David Beckam

Evolving Phases of Technology

The idea of technology has been around since the beginning of mankind. There are six phases of technology. Let’s jump into Moogle’s technological time machine and travel back to the first phase called Nomadic-Agrarian (0-1650). Technology at that point consisted of the harvesting of food with stone tools.

The second phase of technology, called Agrarian (1650-1900), consisted of agricultural tasks focused on mechanization, such as the plow and the tractor, that helped with planting and harvesting.

Let’s zoom in our time machine to the third phase of technology, called the Industrial Age (1900-1960). In this phase, technology centered on building material goods with machine tools and steam engines. The emphasis was on harnessing alternative energy, such as coal, water, and steam, to power the technology tools.

The fourth phase of technology is called Service (1960-1975) and concentrated on intellectual pursuits, such as with the introduction and growth of computers.

The phase from 1975-2000 is known as Information and is also based around intellectual development of tools for thinking and design. The tools are computers, the early Internet, and applications, such as Microsoft Office.

The last phase of technology is called Semantic (2000-today) and focuses on intellectual pursuits and networking with the addition of smartphones, explosion of the Internet, and social media.

What Fuels Technology Innovation Today?

Now that you have taken a ride through our technology field trip, we will discuss what fuels technology innovation today. There are three specific areas that provide the foundation for technological growth. Government is the first element of technology development, as it is needed to help fund, create, and launch new technology. For example, the government actually started the Internet in the late 1960s. In addition, the government invests in future technology in the areas of science, clean energy, biomedical research, and hi-tech safety and security.


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