Which Seat to Choose on a Delhi Kathmandu Flight for Best Views

David Beckam

I recently visited Nepal as my daughter, Chhavi, was playing an ITF juniors tennis tournament there. It was a breath of fresh air for me, to be able to combine her tennis with my travels! This was my 4th trip to Nepal and surprisingly I never gave much thought to the views of the Himalayas on this route before! While doing the web check in it occurred to me that there might be view and I went with the A side window seat! And that is where the views are! If you wish to enjoy the views of the Himalayas on a Delhi Kathmandu flight choose the A side window seat. On the Kathmandu Delhi flight the views are on the F side.

Window Seat Wins

Window Seat, F Side, View on the Kathmandu Delhi Flight

I know there is a huge debate on window vs. aisle seats but on this route, quite like the Delhi Leh one, window seat wins. There are no views from an aisle seat. What is surprising for me is that it took me 4 trips to realize that there are views on this route. I blame it on always going through a cloud cover on my previous trips! In fact this was one trip where I got fabulous views both at Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Flying in Summer vs Winter

I have done two summer trips and two winter trips in Nepal. On three occasions I have spent some time in Pokhara (where we were headed on this trip) but surprisingly this was the first time I got the views! So, that was true for the flights as well, never got the kind of stunning views I got this time in winter from the A side seats and the F side seats.

Kathmandu Delhi Sunset Flight

Amazing view of the Himalayas from the Kathmandu Delhi Flight

While coming back I booked an evening flight (5.15 pm) from Kathmandu to Delhi. It was not by design, it was the cheapest flight available for my day of travel. And it was magic. I got the most clear view of the Himalayas at sunset for a long time. I have seen a lot of beautiful things in my life and this was up there too. As I said before, on the Kathmandu Delhi flight the views are on the F side.

I was not getting the window seat initially but I checked again 2 hours before the flight and I was able to change my seats to F side window seat. I got the window at the front of the plane but back of the plane is my favorite as I get to include the wing in the frame. I got the view for what felt like good 45 minutes though I did not time it by the watch.

View of the Himalayas from A side Window Seat on Delhi Kathmandu Flight

To conclude Delhi Kathmandu Delhi flights also have incredible views of the Himalayas. It took me some time to realize it as the weather did not cooperate on my previous trips. But the views are there, on the A side on the Delhi Kathmandu flight and on the F side on the Kathmandu Delhi flight. And we have to take our chances to be blessed with the divine view!

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