Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Crack in Your Window

David Beckam

If you have a crack in your window, it can be tempting to try to ignore it. Cracked windows aren’t a rare occurrence, so it can be easy to overlook or forget about those more minor cracks. However, it’s important that you don’t ignore a crack in your window. Cracks can quickly spread and cause further damage, even compromising the security and safety of your home and family.

Here’s our guide to what causes cracked windows and why they should never be ignored. We’ll also explain how you can get a crack in your window repaired, and why you may want to consider upgrading.

What Causes Cracked Windows?

While we sometimes wish they were, windows are unfortunately not indestructible. There are a few things that can cause cracked windows, from natural forces to damaging impact. Here are just a few of the different things that can cause cracked windows.

Temperature Changes

Thermal stress cracks can, and do, happen in windows. While windows in the UK are designed to withstand temperature changes, we are currently experiencing more intense temperature shifts. This has resulted in an increase in the number of cracked windows we’re being called out to repair. When the glass in a window is heated, certain areas in the pane can become hotter than others. The centre of the glass may become hotter than the rest of the window, resulting in extra pressure and a thermal stress crack.

Seasonal Exposure and Location

Depending on the location of your window and the direction it faces, some windows will naturally face more exposure to the above temperature changes. If your window faces the sun, it may be more likely to crack. This may not seem like such a problem in the winter months, or even in the UK!

However, once your window has faced repeated exposure to those warmer temperatures in the summer, it’s gone through that expanding and shrinking process multiple times. When an extremely cold winter hits following an unusually warm summer, these exposed windows are most at risk of cracking due to the stress involved. It’s these more exposed windows that we’d be most likely to advise you to upgrade.


As with anything, windows can crack or break due to impact. Cracked windows are most often done without malicious intent and are mainly accidental, though you may want to check security cameras if you’re unsure.

Children playing ball games nearby, or even birds dropping stones on your windows, can cause them to crack. Mowing the lawn can

Some types of windows might be more likely to crack, again due to their position on the house and increased risk of impact. Skylights or velux lights – especially if they’re older – are more prone to cracking due to how easy it is to have things dropped or fall on them.

If you have a window that is repeatedly cracking, you may want to reconsider its location or have it upgraded. A single-pane skylight just underneath a tree, for example, might not be the best idea if you have birds nesting overhead.

Why a Cracked Window Needs Repairing

It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant a crack in your window looks – it needs repairing. The sooner you can have your cracked window repaired, the better. Here’s why a cracked window needs repairing.

Cracks Can Spread

The first thing you’re likely to have noticed with your cracked window is that it looks unsightly. Nobody wants to see a crack in their window, particularly if it’s one they like to enjoy the view from on a daily basis. Having a cracked window can make your home look unappealing, though there is much more to worry about than it being an eyesore.

A crack in your window leaves it vulnerable to further cracking and damage. This is especially important in summer or winter if you are still facing those more extreme temperature changes that can increase pressure on the pane. To avoid the crack spreading and becoming an even more expensive problem to fix, have it dealt with as soon as possible.

Security Risk

For some, a cracked window is not an unappealing sight. In fact for burglars, cracked windows are attractive invitations that demonstrate there’s a window in your home that could be very easily broken into. Burglars are experienced in breaking in to homes, but anything that will make it even slightly easier for them could encourage them to target your home first. Even those that aren’t currently searching for somewhere to burgle may see your cracked window as an opportunity and pinpoint your home to target later.

Poor Insulation

Modern windows are designed to effectively insulate the home, and they cannot do that if there is a crack in the pane. Any opening, no matter how insignificant it may seem, can let in cold air from outside while allowing warm air from the home to escape. Cracks in your window can also bring moisture inside, causing extra damage and even health concerns if this leads to damp.


Once a window has a crack in it – no matter how small – the entire structural integrity of that pane of glass is compromised. The entire pane of glass could smash at any time, impact or no impact. This is not only a security issue, but a health and safety problem, too. Consider the safety of your family first when debating whether to have your cracked window fixed. Another issue to think about is the location of the cracked window and any potential harm or damage it could cause if the whole pane did shatter.

What to do About a Window Crack

The best thing to do if you notice a window crack is to have it fixed as soon as possible. If you have a cracked window and would like us to repair or replace the pane for you, call our team now on 0800 056 1631 or contact us online. We’ll try to book a suitable time to get an engineer out to you as soon as possible.

While you wait for a repair, there are a few temporary measures you can take to minimise damage and keep your home warm:

  • If you have building or home insurance, take a photo of the damage as it has happened. They may want to send an inspector to take a look at the broken glass exactly as it was found. You can ask them for advice on what you can do next to avoid further damage.
  • If there are any shards of glass that fell from the window causing a hazard, clear them up safely. Do not try to remove broken shards of glass from the window yourself as this can be dangerous.
  • If the crack is bigger, you may want to cover it up to insulate the home. Avoid using cardboard to do this, as it can quickly become moist and let damp in too. Using plastic tarpaulin material is a better option.
  • You can also hang thick curtains to reduce the amount of cold entering the home. Carefully covering the window and clearing the area can also protect you and your family against more glass if it does fall from the pane.

Repair a Cracked Window with Cloudy2Clear

At Cloudy2Clear, we are dedicated to finding the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly repair options possible for our clients. This is why we replace only the double glazed unit that requires repair. This reduces the costs for you, while also limiting the amount of unnecessary resources that go to waste as many companies try to increase their profits.

In some cases, it may be more cost-effective for you to choose to upgrade your window as we replace it. Double glazing is now the standard for modern homes and windows. It provides much better insulation than single pane glass, reducing your heating expenses and soundproofing your house. Double glazing provides an additional layer of security and safety for your home, and our 25 year guarantee means we’ll fix any cracked or broken windows we replace. You may also want to consider additional options on cracked windows that are more exposed to the elements, such as insulated, coated, or reflective glass.

Call us on 0800 61 21 119 to book your free quote for cracked window repair.

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